About Us

  • Mission, Core Values, Vision

Mission, Core Values, and Vision


To help people and organizations to grow by doing the right things right. We are very excited and passionate about the work we do.


  • Grace
  • Resourcefulness
  • Open-minded
  • Willingness to serve
  • Trust
  • Harmony


To become the leading training and talent development company in Indonesia, through proven people, proven strategy, proven system, and proven results.

  • Proven People
    The only things that competitor could not copy is the capability of people in your organization. We bring out the best in your people for the growth of your organization. We believe that your success is founded on "we" (super team) not "me" (super man). Therefore, we encourage an support individual initiative and growth while sustaining the common interests of the team.
  • Proven Strategy
    In today’s business, in order to win competition, you must have a strategy and people who execute the strategy effectively. Because if you don’t have a strategy you will be part of somebody else’s strategy. And if you don't have excellent people, your strategy will easily be copied.
  • Proven System
    To ensure the very best service is given to our clients, we apply our unique and customized system development. We collaborate with clients to create a customized system that will sustain and improve their organization. With this principle, a competitive edge strategy will not stop being just a strategy, but would be encouraged to be carried out all the way, pushed to step up to finally be its efficient and effective best.
  • Proven Results
    To achieve and sustain success, your organization must manage results. That means linking your people to your strategy and system, aligning planning and execution processes, and synchronizing business unit and organization’s objectives. We do more than talk theory, so you can do more with your ideas, and your business can do more than it thought possible.

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